See how I create 1 month of social content in 60 minutes 


In This Masterclass



How to plan your social content efficiently 

You are on social media  to achieve your business goals, see how I keep this front of mind when creating content each month. 


How often to post your content & what formats to use 

Nowadays, it's not enough to focus on feed posts alone, see how I quickly create stories, IGTV's, Reels and other formats. 


What tools are available that can save you time 

If you are strapped for time and need support to get your social media done, without outsourcing, I will share some tools & resources available that can help. 


How I use templates to speed things up 

Starting from scratch every time you post is inefficient, having templates that work for the content you share will speed up your work flow and help give you a consistent brand look and feel. 

"Hil coached me through an initiative called One A Day, where she gave an hour a day to help small businesses with their social media, I found her knowledge invaluable. If you have the opportunity to learn from her, you are in for a treat. Charlotte McCormick – Hire a Buyer"

Charlotte McCormick
Hire a Buyer

Do you feel like you are not getting the return from the hours of effort you put in to your social? 

  • Are you struggling with putting a plan in place - what should you be talking about for your business?
  • Do you find it hard to create captions that people will actually comment on? 
  • Do you hate having to find relevant images to use to make your grid look good? 
  • Do you feel really pushy when you want to sell something using your social media? 

I will talk though each of these struggles and offer solutions to help you get your head around making your social work for you and your business. 


I'm here to share what I know ... 

I'm Hil, I've worked in corporate brand marketing with digital and social media for over 15 years, I've also set up two small business of my own, so I know how hard and time- consuming it can be to manage your own social media.

Fear not, I am happy to share what works for me, some tips and tools that I use and hopefully it will help get you from being sizzled by social to smoth sailing sally! 

YEs, I want to attend!